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A new age has arisen. A group of super villains have proclaimed themselves Rulers of the world. They tried to breed a new form of super villains as enforcers, but instead accidentally developed Super Heroes. Some do not make themselves known. Will you?
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 Elena "Lena" Black

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PostSubject: Elena "Lena" Black   Elena "Lena" Black I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 9:39 pm

Name: Elena "Lena" Black

Superhero/Villain Name: Darkray

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: white father, Inuit mother

Looks: Elena "Lena" Black 81028663-Hannah_1_

Affiliation: Hero

Personality: Lena is very shy and timid. She prefers to stay out of people's way and doesn't speak (which is partly due to her power.) She writes what she wants to say on a piece of paper or a dry erase board to communicate. She also likes to braid things so she often times will be seen braiding parts of her very long hair if she is nervous or excited.

Powers: Lena has the ability to extinguish any type of light that comes from a solid substance such as how a candle needs a wick to burn or a campfire needs the wood. By singing, her voice emits a dark, eerie tune that attacks the nearest source of light and enters the object, destroying it from the inside out. Because of this, she also has nightvision to be able to make her way through a battle scene where she has destroyed the light. She can also fly, but it is only for a few feet because of how weak her body is.

History: She was born in a quiet village in northern Alaska, her mother a decendant of the Inuits, her father a former Canadian Mountie. They were a very friendly, caring family who loved their daughter very much. However, when they started to teach Lena how to talk, they had problems with their electricity and when that wore out, their candles. They eventually discovered that it was Lena's voice and focused on teaching her to read and write. When Lena was ten, a group of strange people came to their village and burned down Lena's house while she out collecting twigs for firewood. When she came back, she found the men standing around the charred remains of her house, staring down at the burned bodies of her mother and father. Her anger had welled up inside her and she'd emitted a piercing scream, which destroyed all the electricity for a three mile radius. One of the men had been holding a flashlight so it exploded with her scream and Lena attacked him, killing him by puncturing his lungs on accident with a shard of the flashlight. After that, she wandered around Alaska on her own, moving from work place to work place until she was found by a member of a small group of heros and was brought to the X-men.
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PostSubject: Re: Elena "Lena" Black   Elena "Lena" Black I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 10:32 pm

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