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A new age has arisen. A group of super villains have proclaimed themselves Rulers of the world. They tried to breed a new form of super villains as enforcers, but instead accidentally developed Super Heroes. Some do not make themselves known. Will you?
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 The Awakener

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PostSubject: The Awakener   The Awakener I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 15, 2009 1:14 pm

Name: Earl Hamilton

Superhero/Villain Name: Awakener

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: White Human

Looks: The Awakener Info-boss-hunter

Affiliation: Villian

The Awakener is a typical, cold-hearted villian. He is clever, calm, and strong, though he does not hesitate to kill. He nearly always remains polite, yet also attacks in an instance. The Awakener is an odd fellow. What really makes this individual so scary however, is that he believes that what he does is right.

The Awakener was raised by 2 very religious parents in his childhood, and thus has a strong belief. When he was one day asked by his very own grandfather to kill him, and he did so, he whitnessed the peace he brought upon a person by slaying him. He figured he could end the suffering of all people on earth by killing them and sending them to a better place: the heavens. Though this seems like a rather awkward vision to most outsiders, the Awakener himself strongly believes in his theory. To him, there is no questioning wether his path is right or wrong. His calm state of mind can therefor really be disrupted by people who insult or doubt his ways. He rarely loses it, unless someone mentiones his past or believes.

After all these years of killing people, the Awakener became really good at it. He is capable of combining his unique abilities with some impressive intelligence to achieve what he wants. Despite his great tactics, his victims seem to be completely random. He appears to pick out a person he wants to send to the afterlife, and does not rest untill he manages to do so. He's mysterious, yet succesful.

The Awakener has 2 powers. The first one is basicly superhuman abilities. He is a lot stronger, faster, fitter, and tougher than an average human. On top of that, he seems to have a keen eye, a dog-like sense of smell, and a great hearing. Though he has no increased regeneration, he has a skin and body incredibly hard to damage. In fact, his body only leaves a mere bruse after taking a hit from a regular bullet. It takes actual explosives or heavy weaponry to truely harm the Awakener.

His second power involves some tricks with ashes. Though the Awakener does not seem capable of actually controlling ashes, he can expel large amounts of it out of his mouth or pores to whip up a smokescreen. Not only that, but ash he seems to be capable of controlling ash he expelled to make it into wings, whips, and similar tools. Though it solidifies, the ash never really becomes hard. That makes it unfit for creating weapons out of.

The Awakeners history starts simple and calm. He was born under the name "Earl Hamilton" in a quiet village in the northern United States. Being born in the countryside, Earl found himself in an extremely religious environment and was raised accordingly. He attended to school and took care of things on the farm they lived on. At the same time however he studied the teachings of God and sought to learn how to be a true angel to others.

By the time he was 15, Earl started to notice he was different than others. When he was capable of lifting a whole cow single handedly, he finally realised he had to be a superhero of some sort. Scared to be bookmarked as a monster or a devilspawn of some sort however, he kept his ability hidden from those around him. As time passed by, and his body and abilities expanded and evolved, he kept this his little secret.

When Earl had recently turned 17, he stood before a difficult choice. He was visiting his grandfather, a widow by then, who had actually asked Earl to kill him. He no longer saw a purpose in life and longed for the heavens. He begged Earl to kill him, as he himself could not and doctors wouldn't do it. He begged Earl to kill him, and end his lonely misery. Having thought for quite a while, Earl took a discision that had influence on the rest of his life. At night, he snuck into his grandfathers house and used his inhuman strength to take him out with a single, powerful strike. And by doing so, he figured, he had ended his grandpa's sorrow.

His "crusade" didn't stop here. Soon enough, he figured there were many more people to send to the heavens like he did with his grandfather. Within a week, before the police even had the chance to figure out Earl was the killer of his very own grandfather, he had killed his parents and brother as well. In notime, he hunted down all he had ever known and loved to send them to a better place. All this time, he did not question his actions. He was certain he was doing the right thing.

By now, many years have passed and Earl, or "Awakener", is 23 already. All his relatives and friends have already been slain, and the Awakener himself is on the run for the police, who he figured do not understand his noble goal. Now and then, he picks out a new "chosen" to free from its suffering on earth. The Awakener is a murderer, a cold-hearted monster. Unaware, a born villian.
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The Awakener
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