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A new age has arisen. A group of super villains have proclaimed themselves Rulers of the world. They tried to breed a new form of super villains as enforcers, but instead accidentally developed Super Heroes. Some do not make themselves known. Will you?
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 Cat's Eye

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PostSubject: Cat's Eye   Cat's Eye I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 14, 2009 5:44 pm

Name: Cat's Eye

Object: (appearance) A ring on her right ring finger.

Powers: The ring is connected directly to her optical array. Whatever Felicity looks at gets stored in the rings memory banks. By spinning the dial on the ring, Felicity can change her appearance to match whatever form (Mammal's only) she chooses. The change is only appearance wise, her mass doesn't change nor does her scent or ability.

History: The ring was created by the syndicate to be given to their top spies. They would infiltrate Hero bases and then eliminate all Hero's in the vicinity. Cat came upon the ring one day while robbing a Syndicate store room. Now she uses the ring for fun as Felicity and Cat.
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Cat's Eye
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