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A new age has arisen. A group of super villains have proclaimed themselves Rulers of the world. They tried to breed a new form of super villains as enforcers, but instead accidentally developed Super Heroes. Some do not make themselves known. Will you?
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Name: Raidon Karatolie

Superhero/Villain Name: Reaper

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Human/zombie

Looks: Raidon wears a black cloack over his face making him look like he has no head. His eyes have a red dye in theme that does make sight a little worse but allw him to light them up red.His body has no skin or flesh on it only bones. Some say he is still alive but some say he is dead. It is unknown of what his face looks like. The cloack has a tear down the middle off it and many small tears all around making it look wavy. On his back are bone wings that allow him to travel threw the air and fly. He also carries around a scythe with a very shap blade and an even shaper point. The handle is steal and has many sharp scales running down its top but not the handle.

Affiliation: Villian

Personality: Death is all that is stated when Raidon Karatolie is mentioned. All that is ever on his mind is the screams of pain and tourture. He always wants to kill and always does. Anyone tring to kill him will be killed he sends fear threwout the body of everyone he incounters.



The power of darkness allows Raidon to make any given area pitch black. This means he can get sneak attacks on any person by making the area as black as posable. This also allows hom to travel to any dark area. This means if the area is dark then he can focus his energy with the darkness and teleport his body to the area.

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